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GammaRayX 2021 Webinar

Welcome to the GammaRayX Webinar page of the GammaWiki web. Here you will find information on the upcoming GammaRayX Webinar on gamma spectrometry that will be held 20.-21.10.2021.

The GammaRayX activity involves a webinar covering various aspects of gamma-ray spectrometry. The Roman numeral X in the acronym refers to the tenth event in the series of well-known gamma-ray spectrometry seminars. The scope of the webinar will be broad allowing a range of topics to be considered. For example, the following areas could be included (but are not limited to these):

Laboratory, in-situ and mobile measurements
Whole body measurements
Uncertainty calculations
Efficiency determination
Spectrum analysis and data management
Monte Carlo simulations
Nuclear forensics
Novel/new approaches

International experts have been invited to give presentations on different aspects and new developments in gamma-ray spectrometry. Participants are encouraged to give presentations on subjects of their choice, describing their applications of gamma-ray spectrometry and possible challenges encountered, new developments in detectors, electronics and data analysis. We strongly invite attendees to give “spontaneous” short presentations (5-10 min) on their work. Participation of students and young scientists is highly welcome.

Overview and background

This work is supported by the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS). GammaWiki is a resource webpage for Nordic users of gamma spectrometry. GammaWiki is a product of the NKS GammaSpec 2016 activity, which is an independent continuation of the GammaUser (2014), GammaTest (2013), GammaWorkshop (2011-2012), and GammaSem (2009) activities.

A page with links to individual information pages for previous workshops can be accessed here.


Please complete and send the completed Registration Form to Raisa Tiililä ( by 8 October 2021. Please see details in the form.

Webinar arrangement and agenda

The webinar will be organized by STUK using MS Teams. Further instructions and webinar link will be sent to the registered participants in due time. The workshop agenda will be found here once complete.

We sincerely hope to see you all there.

Webinar cost

No webinar fee will be charged.

The Organizers

  • Roy Pöllänen (STUK)
  • Jani Turunen (STUK)
  • Henrik Ramebäck (FOI)
  • Sven Nielsen (DTU)
  • Anna Banel (IFE)
  • Thomas Bandur Aleksandersen (IFE)
  • Kjartan Guðnason (IRSA)