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True coincidence summing corrections

Increased emphasis on TCS corrections

There is a widespread need amongst users of gamma spectrometry for efficient methods for TCS corrections, methods that are robust enough for routine use. The TCS section of GammaWiki is still under development, but at least we have here some recent material from the IAEA ALMERA network

ALMERA workshop: Seibersdorf 19-23 July, 2010

A workshop on coincidence summing & geometry correction in gamma ray spectrometry was arranged within the IAEA ALMERA network at Seibersdorf, 19-23 July 2010. The presentations will be available for downloading from the ALMERA web site, but a kind permission was given to distribute them already trough the GammaWiki network. Most of the slides from the presentations can be accessed below.

Alessia Ceccatelli, Terrestrial Environment Laboratory-Chemistry Unit:

Octavian Sima, University of Bucharest, Romania:

Tim Vidmar, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana,Slovenia:

For more information on the ALMERA network, please visit the IAEA web site: ALMERA network