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GammaSkill 2023

Welcome to the GammaSkill 2023 page of the GammaWiki web. Here you will find information on the upcoming GammaSkill 2023 seminar and training event on gamma spectrometry that will be held in STUK, Vantaa, Finland, September 26-28, 2023. The GammaSkill 2023 seminar (September 27-28 2023) covers various aspects of gamma-ray spectrometry. The scope will be broad allowing a range of topics to be considered. The following areas could be included (but are not limited to):

  • Laboratory, in-situ and mobile measurements
  • Whole body measurements
  • Uncertainty calculations
  • Efficiency determination
  • Spectrum analysis and data management
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Nuclear forensics
  • Novel/new approaches
  • Applications

The GammaSkill 2023 training event (September 26) is aimed at those having already some experience or basic knowledge on gamma spectrometry. The participation of students and young scientists is highly welcome.

International experts will be invited to the seminar to give presentations on different aspects and new developments in gamma-ray spectrometry. Participants of the seminar are encouraged to give presentations on subjects of their choice, describing their applications of gamma-ray spectrometry and possible challenges encountered, new developments in detectors, electronics and data analysis.

Overview and background

This work is supported by the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS). GammaWiki is a resource webpage for Nordic users of gamma spectrometry. GammaWiki is a product of the NKS GammaSpec 2016 activity, which is an independent continuation of the GammaUser (2014), GammaTest (2013), GammaWorkshop (2011-2012), and GammaSem (2009) activities.

GammaSkill 2023 is the eleventh event in the series of gamma-ray spectrometry seminars. A page with links to individual information pages for previous seminars can be accessed here.


Please complete and send the completed Registration Form to Raisa Tiililä ( by September 1, 2023. A Teams link will be sent in due time to those participants that cannot attend the seminar on site. The number of participants is limited to 100.


Here is the programme of the seminar and training event.

Travel and venue

The seminar will be organized by STUK. See instructions how to go from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to STUK. STUK has also issued the Booklet "How to arrive to STUK?". Please remember to bring your passport or ID card when entering STUK.

Accommodation: Group reservation in the Original Sokos Hotel Vantaa has been made by STUK. Everyone reserves and pays the room by her-/himself to the hotel. The reservation code is Gammaskil, see the registration form. See also list of some other hotels with itinerary and timetable suggestions. The organizers recommend booking the hotel as soon as possible.

Arrangement of the seminar and the training event

The seminar and training event will be held in STUK’s auditorium. A tour of STUK’s labs will be organized during the seminar.

Name, organization, and e-mail address of the participants will be given only to the participants (if you accept it).

A seminar dinner will be arranged in the Finnish Science Centre Heureka, which is located around 1 km from STUK and close to Hotel Vantaa.

There is no seminar fee.

Presentations at the seminar and material

The participants are encouraged to give presentations on subjects of their choice (15-20 min). We recommend attendees also to give “spontaneous” short presentations (5-10 min) on their work, see presentations of previous seminars.

We recommend that presenters send their presentations no later than September 18 2023 to Raisa Tiililä (see registration form).

All presentations will be put to the GammaWiki site after the seminar.

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Alexander Mauring: Gamma-ray spectrometry basics 1

Alexander Mauring: Gamma-ray spectrometry basics 2

Alexander Mauring: Summary of the analysis process and exercise intro

Guillaume Rutter: Detector efficiency calibration basics

Henrik Ramebäck: Uncertainty calculations and reporting of measurement results

Laura Togneri: Using Gamma-ray Spectrometry In The Nuclear Power Plant

Wednesday 27 September 2023

Barbara Nadalut: Challenges in NORM analysis by gamma spectrometry

Mark Dowdall: Gamma spectra after nuclear weapon detonation

Leen Verheyen: Measuring mass attenuation coefficients for materials with unknown composition

Abedelkader Helwan: Nuclide identification in gamma-ray spectroscopy using mixture of experts approach

Asser Nyander Poulsen: Experiences with accreditation of variable-geometry gamma-spectrometry

Hans Vigeland Lerum: Separation of the gamma-rays 241 keV and 238

Alexander Mauring: A new gamma-ray spectrometry laboratory at IFE Kjeller

Harri Toivonen: Novel In-field Technologies for Source Localization

Sari Viljanen: Hidex Sample Exchanger SEC for HpGe systems

Obaidur Rahman: Radioanalytical Laboratory (RAL)

Roy Pöllänen: STUK's new gamma-ray laboratory (>100 MB. The video at the beginning may require you to open the file in Acrobat). Here is the presentation without the video.

Thursday 28 September 2023

Guillaume Lutter: Full energy peak efficiency using Monte Carlo simulations principles

András Kocsonya: Improvement of gamma efficiency curves by maximizing the number of data-points

Henrik Ramebäck: Uncertainty calculation (GUMUF and MC) and calculation of critical limits

Eric Tischenbach: Improving the accuracy of uncertainty calculations with Genie 4.0

Roy Pöllänen: Peak area determination in gamma-ray spectrometry – influence caused by subjective elements

Jani Turunen: Development of measurement systems at STUK’s gamma laboratory

Timo Hildén: Detector development at the Detector Laboratory of HIP

Ellinoora Vikman: Principal component analysis (PCA) for anomaly detection in time-series of gamma spectra

Sakari Ihantola: Gamma-ray signals in neutron activation analysis

Riina Virta: Non-destructive assay of spent nuclear fuel with Passive Gamma Emission Tomography (PGET)

Nicola Markovic: Gamma spectrometry at ESS

The Organizers

  • Roy Pöllänen (STUK)
  • Jani Turunen (STUK)
  • Henrik Ramebäck (FOI)
  • Ingrid Helen Hauge (IFE)
  • Kjartan Guðnason (IRSA)
  • Guillaume Lutter (DTU Sustain)